PURIN Polyurethane is a young company which was established in the last quarter of 2015. Purin aims to leave a mark in the sector with notion of work and R&D experiences which date to old times.

PURIN Polyurethane reacts fast to customer demands, provides one-to-one technical support and has a win-win sense of work principle with its partners.


Being the biggest manufacturer and company in the fifth year of our firm, on Polyurethane CASE.


Positioning in the market with innovative products, providing one-to-one technical support to customers and solving their problem with bringing innovation, aiming to have a win-win principle while working with our partners.


Self-disciplined, modern, innovative, leader, continuous, being a team, result-oriented.


PURIN Polyurethane is a company that reacts fast to customer demands, with its experience, provides technical support and works with win-to-win principle.


Discipline and work order are the key features in every business we involve

Working in harmony with existing technology, strategy and understandings

Developing innovative ideas for each process, service or product

Being a leader with developing innovative products and ideas for the market

Working in harmony with all partners to provide durability

Understanding thoughts and demands of our partners and show respect to them

To know the meaning of team work and apply

Working while fitting our values and being the achiever


PURIN Polyurethane is positioned on three main product sections.


Providing new derivatives with existing technical experience (prepolymers, polyol systems, process and implementation changes) and targets to guide customers.

Being a better alternative to domestic and international firms by creating new equipollent materials cheaper, faster and with advantageous prices.


To deliver technical support and practical solutions to the customers who use coating for polyurethane systems for direct applications, mastics, adhesives and elastomers.


PURIN is a company that makes continuous efforts to improve its innovative projects with many feedbacks from the sector, human health requirements and properly followed technical literature.


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Aromatic polyurethane resins for waterproofing membranes that has different modulus and elongation. We offer 5-30% with Solvent or solvent-containing form.

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Aliphatic polyurethane resins for waterproofing membranes that has different modulus and elongation. We offer 5-30% with Solvent or solvent-containing form.

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Water based polyurethane is a product of emerging technology. It completely eliminates the harmful sides of solvents. Additionally, it is a system that exceeds the viscosity problems in solvent-free products. After the application of polyurethane resin in the water, Polyurethane provides excellent mechanical resistance to surface.

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PURINATE RM 100 Series

1K Aromatic Polyurethane membrane resin that is designed for anti-root intended systems.

PURINATE LM 100 Series

This series is a polyurethane resin that is transparent and surely not to turn pale, especially for ceramic implementations.

PURIN WB 100 Series

Designed for floor coating systems such as epoxies and polyurethane resins. It is water based and can be described as a two-component polyurethane. It has excellent mechanical properties such as scratch resistance. Additionally, Purin WB 100 is a non-yellowing product because of its’ aliphatic structure.

PURINATE RM 200 Series

General 1K aromatic polyurethane resin used in membrane systems.

PURINATE LM 200 Series

General 1K polyurethane that is designed for membrane systems is absolutely non-yellowing, transparent resin. It may be applied as transparent or can be converted to a different product with fillers and additives.

PURIN WB 200 Series

Thanks to the high scratch resistance, it provides excellent protection. It is an absolutely non-yellowing product due to the fact that it has an aliphatic structure.

A water based two-component polyurethane resin that is designed for wood protection systems. Due to aliphatic structure, it will not be yellowing over time.

PURINATE RM 300 Series

1K Aromatic Polyurethane membrane that is designed for the systems that requires extra flexibility.

PURINATE LM 300 Series

1K Aromatic Polyurethane resin that generally recommended for areas where there is no pedestrian traffic, has increased flexibility and absolutely transparent and non-yellowing.


Aromatic, aliphatic and water-based products that could be probed into three categories, namely aliphatic, solvent, and non-solvent, are primed to use.

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Prepolymer product groups for flooring system, polyurea coatings and for all suchlike two component product groups, as an isocyanate component, it is much likely to improve the product performance.

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This product consists of aliphatic and aromatic polyurethane which is required for waterproofing. Using the polyurethane systems with the recommended varnish application and coating groups, both the water will be isolated and an appropriate infrastructure for pedestrian traffic will be created.

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PURIN PR 100 Series (Aromatic Primers)

Like single component has excellent adhesion properties can be used in many coating systems such as epoxy and polyurethane coatings and quick -drying polyurethane primer series. A coating series that can be used in water insulation, cavity dilation, epoxy, polyurea coatings and many other coating systems that has excellent adhesion properties. Quick drying polyurethane primer series.


Designed for polyurea systems. Prepolymers that has different reactivity and different functionality. Compatible with pure polyurea and hybrid systems. Due to its low viscosity, it contributes to the homogeneous mix of components A and B.

PURIN WP 100 Series

A polyurethane system that is transparent and non-yellowing. In particular, it is recommended for ceramic top applications. Can be applied in the desired thickness with the special system that it has, no air bubbles will be formed.

PURIN PR 200 Series (Aliphatic Primers)

Provides definitive solutions to the adhesion problem on non-porous surfaces such as ceramic. Solvent based primer coating series that allows transparent coatings because of non-yellowing structure.


Designed for flooring, water-proofing membranes or other similar systems. Provides different kinds of advantages. Aromatic based components and its derivatives.

PURIN WP 200 Series

Non-yellowing and fast drying. Designed for General 1K Polyurethane membrane systems. Ready to use product.

PURIN PR 300 Series (Water Based Primers)

Water based coatings that are generally recommended for wood protection. A preparation product for water-based polyurethane protective layer which to be applied above the coating. With its strong membrane structure, it will be excelling the surface.


Designed for flooring, water isolation membrane or other similar systems. Gives different advantages to the product. Based on aliphatic components and their derivatives.

PURIN WP 500 Series

Solvent-free, two-component designed for stores and pools, which features thixotropic specifications. A ready to use water isolation material.


In the systems which contain 100% solid material. Prepolymer based binders that are classified by casting or mold applications.

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Aliphatic and aromatic polyurethane resin that is used in decorative coatings or outdoor applications. 100% solid. Non-breakable, it is the preferred system in the stone flooring with excellent rigidity. Depending on application method, can be implemented on special areas as water-permeable ground systems.

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A binder group that is suitable for the systems that ensures recycle waste foam. Thanks to its great flexibility and turning back ability, it has the ability to transform waste foam to high performance products. Includes products from different viscosity and reactivity.

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PURINATE RB 1100 Series

Non-solvent, prepolymer based rubber binder. A product group that is recommended for casting systems. It is absolutely non-yellowing due to aliphatic structure.

PURIN SB 2100 Series

Two-component aliphatic polyurethane system that contains 100% solid.

PURINATE RE 100 Series

Product group that has low viscosity and reactivity.

PURINATE RB 1200 Series

Non-solvent based, prepolymer based rubber binder.

PURIN SB 2200 Series

A two-component aromatic polyurethane system that contains 100% solid. When compared with other aliphatic systems, it has price advantage.

PURINATE RE 200 Series

Product group that has medium viscosity, low reactivity.

PURINATE RE 300 Series

Product group that has medium viscosity and medium reactivity.

PURINATE RE 400 Series

Product group that has high viscosity and moderate reactivity with having a high return.


Polyurethane based foam adhesive. Makes Foam-foam, foam-EVA etc. stick together.

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PURINATE SA 100 Series

Non-solvent, polyurethane based adhesives. Makes instant adhesion of the foam systems and a completely dry after day reaching the ideal adhesion strength.


One-component and two-component polyurethane-based sealant group. These are high performance products with excellent flexibility and return.

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One-component polyurethane resin that is used in mastic formulations that has different hardness, elongation properties.

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PURINATE JS 100 Series

One component, solvent-free, flexible polyurethane resin for joint sealant systems.

PURINATE SE 100 Series

Polyurethane based that has high elongation and low hardness properties.

PURIN JS 200 Series

Two component, consists 100% solid, flexible polyurethane-based sealant.

PURINATE SE 200 Series

Polyurethane based resin that has medium hardness and elongation. Suitable for mastic production.

PURINATE SE 300 Series

Polyurethane based resin that has medium hardness and high elongation. Suitable for mastic production.


MDI based polyurethane elastomer group. Due to the fact that it is offered as three-component, (isocyanate, polyol and chain extender) it is suitable for hot and cold molding.

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PURINCAST 1000 Series

Product group that is formed by MDI system. Based on polyester polyol.

PURINCAST 2000 Series

Product group that is formed by MDI system. Based on polyester polyol.

PURINCAST 3000 Series

Product group that is formed by MDI system. Based on polycarbonate polyol.


Offered as a two-component product: Polyol system and MDI system. It is a polyurethane practice that has low reaction temperature, high hardness, and ideal time of opening a mold. Solvent-free. Fill-free but the end product becomes beige color with yellow-brown color reaction.

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PURIN WI 1000 Series

Polyurethane system with a density of 1000-1100. Can be used in all areas that require high density or wood imitation.

PURIN WI 800 Series

Polyurethane system with a density of 700-900. It is often used as imitation wood.


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